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Cyber-security, Torrent Downloads, Your Ex's Facebook, it's all possible on the SuperNet. What if the planet was searching for a way to communicate? What if you were asked for help,  Would you  put those hacking skills to use? Cyber actions have real-life results and actions have consequences. Choose Wisely



To take control of someone's computer, admin functions, and SuperNet personality you must hack their local SubNET... Each SubNET has an access pass code 3-12 characters long. Once you have the pass code, you have full control.

Each level you are trying to hack into the target SubNET. You unlock the first or next letter by increasing your Letter Crack Progress Bar. Once it hits 100% you crack the next letter and repeat for the next letter until you have completed the sentence.

If you think you know the pass code as you unlock more characters, you can attempt to guess the full pass code by selecting manual entry. If you are correct, you're in! Otherwise, no luck kiddie. Better luck next guess.

Once you complete the sentence you get control. Right now our game has no narrative gameplay so it starts the next SubNET Hack. (Stay tuned!)

But beware, user! You have three timers counting down... 

First the Shut Off Timer, where the target SubNET restarts with a new IP meaning you have no direct access point and have to ping it through the SuperNET. (Which generates a random difficult hash-key instead of a passcode for you to crack.) 

Second the Trace Timer, where the target SubNET's automated NET defenses engage to try to capture your SubNET address and crack your pass code to verify the attack to report to W.A.S.T.E. (Which results in player death, you are WASTED.) 

Third the Authority Timer, where the World Agency of Surveillance and Totalitarian Elect (W.A.S.T.E.) begins a trace on you, once they capture your SubNET address and crack your pass code to verify the attack they issue a warrant for your arrest and you have to abandon your life on the NET.


Thank you taking a look at our game! Please comment and share your input. If you're interested in collaborating on the project contact Z.A. Kosma at the link below. Have a great day! 

Controls: Keyboard: Text / Mouse: Select

This game was for: Odd Week Long Game Jam 4 - Theme: Cyberspace  / April 2019

TEAM - Code/Dev: Z.A. Kosma  Code: 5n1p3r_4rt3m1s Writer/Narrative: Alysa D. Saliba Audio: Viktor Kraus


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